(nothing else needs to be said)

Me: Oh, the tortoise is about to walk across my keyboard.
Me: Is what she has to say.
Me: The first key she pressed was Caps Lock. What a clever tortoise she is.
Philip: You could get an Arts Council Grant for that, you know.
Philip: She needs her own blog, of course.
Me: I don’t want my tortoise reduced to the level of Tracey Emin. She has some dignity, and can probably spell better.

(For those of you looking at your keyboards and wondering how on earth you type that walking across a keyboard, her front feet are narrow and often go between the keys, while her back feet are quite round and almost always press.)

Today the tortoise was wandering around on the table!

This is what she typed.

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I put Charlemagne in front of the webcam to treat Vector to a tortoise-watching session over Skype.

[17:42:27] vectorplasm: AAAAAAAAAA
[17:42:35] vectorplasm: aaaaaaa hello baby
[17:42:46] vectorplasm: ohhhh nooooo SHES SO CUTE
[17:42:56] vectorplasm: OHHHHHHH
[17:42:59] vectorplasm: little face
[17:43:29] vectorplasm: awwwwwww look at her go 
like a little motorcar
[17:43:58] vectorplasm: im just babbling incoherently it’s ok
[17:44:01] vectorplasm: AAAAAHHHHHH BABY
[17:44:15] vectorplasm: she has such a good chell
[17:44:17] vectorplasm: *shell
[17:44:36] vectorplasm: ohhh no i like that t’s lumpy
[17:44:42] vectorplasm: soooo cute
[17:44:48] vectorplasm: turtle hijack
[17:44:50] vectorplasm: tortoise
[17:44:55] vectorplasm: (my brain muddles words)
[17:45:09] vectorplasm: ohhhh noooo
[17:45:37] vectorplasm: she’s off having an adventure
[17:45:44] vectorplasm: i feel priviliged to see the start of her journey
[17:46:46] vectorplasm: i love how she moves
[17:48:37] vectorplasm: a very well read tortoise
[17:49:30] vectorplasm: pfffff :’ D
what a cute baby
[17:50:57] *** Call ended, duration 08:55 ***
[17:51:14] vectorplasm: thank you so much that was wonderful


My tortoise in her high-visibility gear.

My tortoise.

That’s really all there is to say on the matter.

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