>go and follow the Generation Kill tag on Tumblr, because why not
>hm, what’s going on over here?
>Nate rolled his eyes, but he got in and let Walt drive them off base, up onto some back road in the foothills, before they stopped and the two of them descended on Nate’s cock.

Oh Internet, this is is why I’ll always secretly hate you.

  • Me: "Hello, what's all this in aid of?"
  • Cold, sheepish-looking folks behind huge table of cupcakes: "We're um Christian Union, we're um giving out cake."
  • "Ooh! So the cake is FREE?"
  • "Yes, Christian Union. Did you see our tent on campus?"
  • "I did. Hard to miss. Free cake?"
  • "We're doing things like this all over campus, to talk to students."
  • "So you're handing out free cakes to benighted heathens?"
  • "Well-"
  • (NOM)
  • "I wouldn't put it in QUITE those words-"
  • (NOM)
  • "But yes,"
  • (NOM)
  • "free cake."
  • "Must dash, cheers for the cake! Big ups to God, yo."