Here is a wasp which looks like Nihlus.

Here is a wasp which looks like Nihlus.

[01:19:47] Hovercraft: mmm, live outside my window
[01:19:59] Hovercraft: sans thunder
[01:20:00] Brosencrantz: it was like that here all last week
[01:20:08] Brosencrantz: now it is sunny as fuck
[01:20:22] Brosencrantz: the plants are all being happy and green
[01:20:58] Hovercraft: I approve of as much rain as possible in the month of June
[01:21:20] Hovercraft: rain is the air-to-air scourge of pollen
[01:21:55] Hovercraft: it’s like the grass genophage
[01:22:20] Hovercraft: stop BREEDING you disgusting plants

The bit at 1:23.

Good fucking god.


Someone has made a preliminary list of what the default Shep options in ME3 are.

I agree with the person who described is as “default Shepard creates some sort of dystopian Mass Effect nightmare world”.

Seriously. Jesus, Shepard, what the hell were you doing during these missions?

And this is another reason why I am skeptical of their claim that people will be able to play ME3 without playing the other games.

Good lord. A friend of mine accustomed to standard shoot-everyone-to-proceed FPS games just did her first thoroughly negligent main-quest-power-through of the first Mass Effect, and STILL managed a less awful outcome. This is the default saviour of the galaxy? D:

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