candidcantrix: Is this essay on the war you made a tumblr about?
brosencrantz: No, it’s… sec
brosencrantz: “‘Mahan’s influence on subsequent generations of writers and practitioners makes him an ideal example of the “military intellectual”.’ Discuss.”
brosencrantz: Basically, this shiny-headed battleship-fetishising charlatan called Mahan more or less invented the discipline of naval history and had a ridiculously huge influence on early 20th century naval thinking.
brosencrantz: So I get 3,000 words to examine why and call him a shiny-headed battleship-fetishing charlatan.
candidcantrix: If it’s written in that sort of language, I might even understand it XD
brosencrantz: I make no promises.

knott: I love David Starkey
brosencrantz: oh, why?
brosencrantz: also: convince me not to just paste “shiny-headed battleship-fetishising charlatan” into a word doc a thousand times
knott: provided a reference I needed - my issue is a know the stuff therefore I write it, then I need to reference it
knott: because you want and deserve a first
knott: how are you doing with mahan?
brosencrantz: I’m contemplating pasting “shiny-headed battleship-fetishising charlatan” into a word doc a thousand times.
knott: do it, e-mail it to nick, and then write an essay - with actual sentences, debunking him
brosencrantz: ooh
brosencrantz: good idea